The Sunny Sams is a chartered Manitoba chapter associated with the GOOD SAM CLUB. 

Good Sam is an excellent organization and brings many benefits to its members who are

all like minded RV’rs. The Sunny Sams currently has a membership of 11 people re-

presenting 6 rigs from various locations around Winnipeg such as, Arnes, Selkirk, Pinawa  and

Oak Bluff.  We also have several other associate members who are not actively camping at this time.   The Chapter is headquartered in Winnipeg and always looking to add new members to the Chapter. We are a chapter with a long history, founded in June, 1976 The Manitoba Sunny

Sams is a fun loving camping Chapter of the Good Sam RV Club. Our current members are

mainly in the 55+ age category but, we accept members of all ages.
We hold several camping outings in the summer beginning in May and ending in September. 

We travel usually within a couple of hours of Winnipeg to private, municipal, and provincial

camp grounds.  We enjoy the fresh air, fellowship, pot luck suppers, wiener roasts, occasional

games of bean bag, boccie ball, etc. with a usual end at the evening campfire with great story

telling of adventures we have experienced and much laughter.
Joining the chapter costs $25.00 annually.   This is a separate fee from the Good Sam

membership, which is also a requirement to belong to our chapter. In addition we collect

$10.00 for our Sunshine Fund which is our charitable works.
In addition to the camps we hold two meetings, one in Spring (usually in April) where we

discuss the upcoming camping outings for the summer and one in Fall (usually in October)

where we discuss the camps we just had and hold elections for officers for the coming year. 

We also have a Christmas get-together held in late November to early December.
You are welcome to come out as a guest to 2 of our camps.  We encourage you to do this,

before making a decision as to whether or not you wish to join the group.
We typically try to have a camp schedule every few weeks during the summer.  This is

determined by our VP/Wagon Master who arranges and makes reservations at the

campground when possible, so all you have to do is show up and pay for your site. 

There is no obligation to attend all of the scheduled camps, we do however, ask that

you come to at least two a year. The schedule we are following this year is available upon

request from any of our chapter members.
Part of belonging to Good Sam, in addition to the member discounts at Good Sam affiliated campgrounds and other discount benefits,  is attending the annual Rally.  This is a large

fun filled event with rigs from many different chapters attending from Man., Sask, Alta.,

Ont., and from several States.  There are planned games, events,  along with tours, some

catered meals, entertainment and more.  Our Provincial Rally is generally held early June,

and there are several other Good Sam Rallies held elsewhere at different dates.
If you have any questions, or wish further information, please contact me anytime, 
Tom Breman President: Manitoba Sunny Sams  204-669-0275 or TJBREMAN@MYMTS.NET


Charter date June 20, 1976 Winnipeg and area

Good Sam RV Club  -  Manitoba/NW Ont