CHARTER DATE  NOVEMBER  11,1993

 Wheat City Sams cover a large area of the Western part of the province, from the U.S. Border , north to Fork River( which is north of Riding Mountain National Park) and west to the Saskatchewan border also Winnipeg.

 We currently have 16 rigs and 35 members plus 1 Honorary Member. During the months of October to April, we try to meet once a month in various locations where members are located for a meal out or a pot lunch brunch followed by a short meeting. If facilities permit, we do some games for activity and socializing!

 May is the beginning of our campouts again in various locations . This involves social activities such as outdoor games, sometimes tours, sightseeing etc. , Friday is usually a weiner roast  and campfire (where permitted), Saturday is pot luck feast night or we  may go out depending on the area we’re in. We sometimes try to co-ordinate a campout with a community’s festivities if possible. We also have a short meeting at our campouts to keep all informed of chapter activities etc.  We also get together with other chapters when able for a joint campout or a social event.

 One thing we find important is to e-mail / mail copies of meeting minutes to all our members to help keep all informed and updated.

 Any R.V ‘rs  are welcome to join us at any of our meetings and/or campouts where we will share more information about our Good Sam Organization and our chapters. What we’re really about is “ a group of R.V.’ers getting together and having fun!” There is no obligation or pressure to join.

 Belonging to a Good Sam Chapter is an extended family making life long friends, not only with your own chapter, but with other chapters & members provincially and by attending Rallys , meeting, socializing and  sharing ideas  with other Good Samers both in Canada and the United States.

For more information feel free to contact any of our executive .

                 CHAPTER  EXECUTIVE   NOVEMBER  1,2017 – OCTOBER 30, 2018

                                       President: Howard Norek ( Lesley)
                                      49 Martin Way, Brandon ,MB  .R7C 1C8
                                      Phone:    204-748-5028   /  204-851-2061
                                       E-Mail:  Howard Norek

                                       Vice President : Ralph Heard

                                        Recording Secretary : Barb Gordon

                                        Treasurer : Linda Baker   


                                       WagonMaster : Lesley Norek

Good Sam RV Club  -  Manitoba/NW Ont